the power of data.

Glance sees, reads and understands data. It is an artificial intelligence engine that classifies, validates and extracts data, thereby optimising human-driven processes for cost-efficient day-to-day business operations.

How our clients use Glance

Document classification, vaulting, data extraction and validation for credit applications

Credit application processes require a great deal of documentation. Glance can accurately and rapidly classify the necessary documents and extract the required data, which it then stores and forwards for use in onboarding systems.

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Fraud detection and data validation during insurance product application processes

Glance consumes documents during the product application process, after which it completes tamper checks. It then extracts the data and validates it against required third party sources. This allows for closer alignment to regulatory requirements and reduces fraudulent applications and inaccurate data capturing.

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Employee onboarding automation and data validation

Employee onboarding processes can be onerous due to the multiple checks that have to be done. Glance will consume the documents during the onboarding process, extract fields, map them to individuals and run the necessary verification checks required. This data can also be passed on to internal human resource management systems for further use.

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Port transfer document storage and processing

At transfer point in a logistics business, where one division hands over responsibility to another, suppliers require some form of handover document and validation. In a port environment, Glance can be employed to automate the manual, document-intensive process in this system. For instance, port forms can be scanned to extract the data, which can then be stored and validated for compliance and fraud mitigation.

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What can Glance do for you

Increase your workflow efficiency and process automation

Improve your existing processes so they require less human intervention

Reduce costly human errors

How Glance works

Fully customisable

Glance has a fully customisable, user-friendly interface, backed by a simple workflow system that enables businesses to feed data into their systems in a variety of ways.

Classify, verify and extract

Glance first classifies and verifies data, then it extracts the required fields and performs various tasks as required. By exporting the data, it can be used in other business systems and processes.

Human-assisted machine learning

The more you use Glance, the better it becomes at extracting data. This action of human-assisted training is critical as it allows the business to not only train the engine on its specific needs, but to work towards the ultimate goal of predictable full-process automation.

Who is Glance for

  • Businesses that require automation of processes involving data and its extraction
  • Businesses that require data in emails to be logged, read, understood and validated
  • Businesses that require data to be extracted to create a new product, provide better services, serve their clients in a more efficient manner, and then store the data in a structured and accessible manner
  • Businesses that require documents to be processed and data extracted from those documents
  • Third party validation of the data required by businesses
  • Businesses with legacy systems or processes that require manual data processing

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